Permanently installed lamp cord lighting

Has anyone come across this type of lighting and what is the proper name for it? It is hard wired into the light switch in the basement.

Used car light lighting…:grinning:
Daisy chained lights.

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That’s the “done by my neighbor that knows everything about electricity” wiring.
At least he didn’t cheap out on the number of staples!:grinning:

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That’s a parallel wiring set up… very much like Christmas tree lights lol

For any of you electrocutioners, is there anything actually wrong with this?

Absolutely. Permanent wiring should used approved wiring only. Eg. NMD90 or AC90 (also known as armoured cable, BX, like what feeds the furnace). Lamp cord is only acceptable for connecting portable lights to receptacles. They are typically only 18-16 gauge and can be a fire hazard as they aren’t rated for 15A.


Thank you guys. That is where I was going with this. Just wanted confirmation that I was on track.

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Back in my old GE days we called that crap zip cord.

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I forgot all about that term “zip cord” !