Extension Cords in Crawl Spaces

Sometimes I see extension cords underneath a house. They are plugged into a outlet, ran along the floor joists, and then connected to a sump pump, driveway lighting system, sprinkler timer, etc. I’ve attached pictures of the one I saw today ran to a sump pump. This can’t be right. What can I write about it? I know I can write up the drooping wire.



Extension cords should not be used in place of permanent wiring.

See it all the time too and write it up each time. I find brown lamp cord being used for permanent wiring as well, often in the 140+ degree attic spaces. People sometimes find a deal on cheap Chinese made 100 ft extension cords and decide now is the time to wire the house for Christmas tree light outlets in the soffits. Nice thing about it is the cords are usually International orange or neon green and stand out light a sore nose.

I agree 100% with Mr. Wand’s statement…:slight_smile:


I like the KISS method gooder.

Also is it a problem for the buyer if the puchaser removes the cord when he moves, after all it is not a permanently attached item, more of personal chattel?

lol…well it was easier than me posting NEC 400.8 for flexible cords and where they are not permitted.

Was easier just to AGREE…lol…

And if you need to expand on Raymond’s simple statement, you can tell your Clients that extension cords used as permanent wiring, in 2003 (the latest statistics I have), ranked as the number three cause of fires in our homes.

#1 - Smoking cigarettes in bed
#2 - Candles
#3 - Extension cords

They have told us candles and extension cords have eclipsed smoking in bed as the most dangerous activity (for fires). I am not sure if that reflects the smoking decline or the rise in dumb things people do after hurricanes.
I think the biggest cause of death and injury from storms has become generators or cords with the resulting asphixiation and fires

I think that is true on a regional basis, but not on a national average.

Here in San Diego, extension cords ranks #1 according to Farmer’s Insurance.

How bout that insulation???

Insulation installed upside down