Exterior light plugs in.

I came across this unusual situation on an inspection. There was an electrical cord going through a hole in the wall into the back of an exterior light fixture. To turn the light off or on you would either plug or unplug the cord. Any opinions on this setup?




Please don’t over think this. It’s wrong.

It’s a definite hazard not to mention a code violation.

Is that 2 wire zip cord?

Frank …

If you have to ask, that’s real embarrassing.

We assume you’re joking.

I didn’t “ask”. It’s for the benefit of those that may not know.

but you did ask

Just a 2 wire lamp cord.

You got me. :slight_smile:

Really Frank! :roll:

This is not unusual, I see this at least a dozen times a year… WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Hey I found it entertaining. Never seen anything like that before but then I only got maybe 25 inspections under my belt.