Personal lines- Field inspectors jobs

Ok guys I know some of you have done some of these. So tell me. How was it and how did it pay?? I know its probably the worst of all inspection jobs but, I was thinking of giving them a try… maybe… it sounds like they are going to run you mad for a $100.00 a day but, I need some input from someone who has done some.

I have no idea of what you are talking about, sorry.

This is some of the info I found on line. Field inspectors provide visual inspections through taking photos of a location and writing reports for banks and companies in order to estimate a property’s value. So I guess you just create reports about residential and commercial properties for banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

More Info:
Job Description for Field Inspectors
Field inspectors provide visual inspections and property preservation services for financial institutions. Their services are typically contracted through independent field services companies in instances when banks, mortgage lenders and insurance agencies need to verify information about homes, businesses or vehicles they have a financial stake in. For example, an insurance agency may contract a field inspector to examine a home for potential problems prior to issuing a home insurance policy to the owner. A mortgage lender or bank can use a field inspector to confirm a foreclosed property is no longer occupied, and task the inspector with minor maintenance duties to protect the property.

Sounds like picture taking I have heard about. Not likely worth your while. Let us know how it works out and best of luck to ya :slight_smile:

Yeah it does sound like picture taking lol but might fill the schedule here and there. thanks.

Anybody else on this?