Personal Notification

To all that follow us on FB and other forums all ready know we have had a very hard time for the last 3 months.
My Mother Attorney Frances Santiago, passed away, she was our attorney during the Board of Engineers Law Suit and who really won the case for us.
Many members and friends from the States have send their condolences and we appreciate them very much.
We have fought many battles for Inspectors in Puerto Rico and many sad moments in our lives, but here we are defending the right to work and share with all Inspectors any referrals and any assistant they may need during these very hard time.
We are here for you always and I always remember something that Nick said to me before we moved back to Puerto Rico in 2005, “If your going to represent us in Puerto Rico give it all your heart and hard work” and I think we have.
Thank you all;

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Condolences and God’s speed, Mary!


As always thank you

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