Political situation a nd Protest In Puerto Rico

To all we would like to express that we are safe, we live far away from the protest areas but we work all around.
We have been very busy which it has been a surprise but we feel that all will be in the proper order soon.
I do not talk politics or give my personal opinion as some have asked because we need to work, grow the chapter again and move on. No personal views on the issue.
Thank you to all the Association members that have called and asked about the issues and to the office for all the support in growing again as a great InterNachi Chapter.

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Me alegro de que todos estén seguros y alejados de las áreas de protesta. Espero que su capítulo crezca como es necesario, ¡vaya con Dios!

Larry, Gracias mil

Mary, De nada, mil y buena suerte. :smiley:

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