Pest inspections

Can anyone tell me what is the requirements for a home inspector to do a pest and or termite inspections ( besides training) in california

If you don’t have any experience it can be a long drawn out process.

You need to have a branch 3 licensed through the structural pest control board first and hang that license with a company that has a branch 3 operators license (they would be partly liable for your inspections as well as yourself) you work for them. You cannot go out and get your operators license without a certain amount of experience and that normally has to be signed off by another operator who would vouch for your experience.

Your termite reports have to be a separate report than your hi report on a state approved report form.

Termite inspection fees typically run at $80 in my area. Not worth it unless you are doing the work as well. Then there is the whole, an hi doing termite work on a house he inspected issue.

I was a branch 3 for 22 years and found it a little difficult to combine the 2 in my area and let the license expire a few years ago.

I have had more luck passing the termite inspection off to a buddy of mine as a sub contractor and I charge about $15 over his fee.

Thank you Mike. That does sound a bit much for just a add on service to an HI.

Mike explained it pretty well. I looked into it myself and after talking to a buddy of mind who does them, I decided not to proceed. In my area they are getting $100 to $125 for those inspections.