Peyton manning

Peyton manning has been benched. Never thought i would see that. I love the guy, best quarterback to ever have played the game…but its over.

And it came during a game in which he set the all time record for most passing yards.

If the Giants pull it out and beat the Patriots today Eli Manning will be 4-1 against them. Not a bad thing to have on your resume, especially since two of them came in the Super Bowl.

I can’t believe Eli threw a pass on 1st and goal. If they had run the ball, they could have run way time off the clock. Time that the Pats used to kick the wining FG. Ugh, so stupid.

As for Peyton, I though it looked obvious at the end of last season he was done. And I say that as a Peyton fan.

I also think if Peyton wanted another ring so bad, he should have signed for $1 million instead of $20+ mill, and let the Bronco’s use that cap space more wisely.

Don’t worry he can always get a job making an appearance at Three days of secrets reveled, or secrets of the vault unlocked.

long live Tom Brady

Maybe Peyton is getting old and misses our Coach. Fox }
Bears on a role and timing is perfect for us to kick Broncos azz.
Cutler is playing good under the Guy the Broncos fired.

Yes he is getting old.

You can have your coach. He could not prepare a good team to win the big one. As far as Cutler. He is not a winner and never will be one. Remember we had him here first. Everyone was glad to see him leave.