Denver is in the Super Bowl!

Go Broncos.



Go San Francisco 49’s. Should be a good game against the Bronco’s.

BTW for those not able to see this game it is tied 10 to 10 Seattle verses 49’s

Touch down 49’s 17 to 10

I am no longer a colts fan due to the way Jim Irsay handled Peyton!

17 to 20 in the end of third quarter.

Have fun taking down Seattle. 49’s made way too many mistakes.

See the old guys can still get-ur-done:shock::wink:

Do ya ever git anything right:p;-)

congrats (begrudgingly)

After the “Sherman Interview”, I’d think a landslide of folks just became Bronco’s fans, at least for the superbowl.


Denver should beat Seattle easily…

Time to start the guessing of the scores.

I will contribute to the pot again.

I agree, I’m a huge Peyton fan \:D/

I can’t stand the Mannings. Two prodigy QB’s having their old man manipulate the drafts. Holding teams hostage (yes, both of them) in order to go to a “better team” is kind of crappy. Elway did a similar thing. If you’re supposed to be that good go make the team better like the first pick should.

Peyton would have gone to the saints and Eli to the chargers if you remember. I think Peyton is a great QB, just didn’t care for the manipulation upon entry into the league, so I dislike old Archie too as he was behind it.

Mike, do you not realize that football is a business?


Denver will being doing that at the super “bowl” :-;;

Seattle, too…