Congrats to Seattle!


Great performance.

And this from a guy who lives a mere 30 miles from Denver.
Whack! Whack! Whack!

They played a great game.

Who was that other team?

whoda thunk ?..

Manning’s legacy took a hit.


What a game that Seattle played.

Congrats to Seattle, game well played

Peyton who? Probably two years down the crapper. Next!


Congratulations to the Seahawks…on a side note the Dolphins are now officially tied for first at 0-0 for the new year! Go Phins in 2014!


Don’t ruin it for me…they’ll be 8-8 again before I know it…just let a guy dream…

that was an impressive performance, the SEA defense is for real

The 3 stooges (Haslem, Lombardi & Banner)

Should of waited and Hired the Seattle Defensive coordinator DAN QUINN instead of the Bills D coordinator.

Browns are a mess as well as the Cleveland basketball team. I could run a better organization and I am a fan.

Seattle played a great defensive game.

The dumb heads will mess up the draft once again. All teams looking to get higher picks call Cleveland, the stooges will gladly accommodate you!!

Draft? Draft? You mean like picking up undrafted receivers, or 5th, 6th or 7th round defensive players. Seattle went through this with QB’s both in the draft and signing free agent QB’s.

Dan McGuire ? Rick Mirer? Charlie Whitehurst? Matt Flynn?

I can only hope the Seahawks play the team that drafts Johnny Manziel next year so he can be welcomed appropriately. :mrgreen: