Phoenix Home Inspector Needed

I need another full time AZ Certified Home Inspector who is VERY good with HomeGauge Software (ONLY). Knowledge of Thermography is a plus. Guaranteed two inspections 5 days a week, 7 if you want to work more.

Commercial Building Inspection PCR experience also is a large ++++

Also familiar with Construction Litigation, Read Blueprints, New Build Finals, both residential and commercial, One-Two-Year Warranty Inspections, both residential and commercial.

Someone from the Phoenix-Southern AZ area preferably who is familiar with the city and suburbs is another plus.

I will supply Truck, Laptop w/ HomeGauge, Equipment, Insurance, Paid Vacations, Bonuses.

Possible six figure income for the right individual.

Will discuss pay and your experience including other innuendos by phone ONLY. After 6:00 PM please … 480.309.4967

Thank You,


If you pay me $300,000 I will be there in two days Dale!

Sounds like a great opportunity for someone.

But how many would give up using Home Inspector Pro?
Looks like a deal killer if you are used to working with the good stuff.

What a joke.

Thanks Guys, I found a Man today from Mesa AZ.

Wish you were here Greg…Hope all is well my Friend.

Linus ,do you ever stop stalking me ?
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Good to her and hope he works out for you but could you please take Linus so he has something to do with himself.
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Robert this was just posted if anyone thinks I am crazy and he is not…Software change?

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Want all the reports uploaded to the same Server Condo, some clients-used house salesman have 100’s of their reports uploaded to HomeGauge’s Server through the years.

I don’t want any of my clients to get confused, nor would they want their reports scattered on different Servers. One Username and Password confuses some people, two (could) make things difficult-- :shock:

I like things to work easily–:wink:

Dale ,I know that.Just bustin your chops.

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