Photo Help With Stone Walls

I am working on the Exteriors Course and need some help with securing photos. Please send any photos you might have of:

Rubble Masonry Stone Walls

Coursed Masonry Stone Walls

Polygonal Rubble Masonry Stone Walls

Thank you for your help on this.

Hi Rob,

Just Google, for example, “photos of Rubble Masonry Stone Walls”.
Multiple photos will show up

Thank you. We cannot use any photos from the internet without paying for the copywrite. This is why we ask members for help. Members will generously provide the photos that we need.


Sorry about that Rob. I thought you were taking the course. I see now that you are creating a course.


Polygonal Rubble Stone? Been a stone mason most of my life and never heard of that. Must be an east coast name.

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The Rubble’s have been in the stone business for as long as anyone can remember. The linage dates back to around 10,000 BC when Barney first opened the family business. The business has been handed down countless generations but still remains on solid bedrock for many generations to come. Polygonal runs the business now.


I’m pretty sure they ended up selling out to Slate eventually.


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I believe that was an ex-wife that got half of the company a few generations ago. Part of the settlement was that she could not use the Rubble name.

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