Photo Manipulation

Lately I have seen several photos at different places that overlay the IR picture on the normal picture. I like the effect. Can anyone share with me how this is done?


If you have a good graphic program that can be done with Layers options

It can also be done with a basic program like “publisher”. Set your original photo (size/position, etc) then copy and paste the same directly on top of the original. Go into picture formating and adjust the transparency of the photo on top until you get the results you are looking for.

This is also done with the new IR “Fusion” systems, like Fluke and the more expensive FLIR cameras.

Tried it with Publisher and it will not let me adjust the transparency of the top photo. Not sure if that is a setting or what.

Any particualr photo programs that are recommended?

Serif draw plus four free version
My favorite software is photoscape and you can add transparency.
I keep telling people to use it.
it is easy

Thanks Robert.

Treid Photoscope and it worked nicely.

Glad to hear
If I can do it ,it must be good

Kevin, Have you looked at Dual-View software. I use it and love it, although it’s not designed to use as you describe you can post a digital picture next ti the IR and then add a caption below of what your looking at.

Every report that I’ve done in Dual-View has come out great and easy for my clients to understand.


I have not used it. I currently do the side by side thing, and honestly will continue to do so for most report uses. I just thought that the overlay view looked cool and might be good for website of advertising material where space is as a premium.

Kevin with that program you can flash back and forth between images also
try ani

I like that Photoscape!

Click the pic!

What’s that object seen in the mirror???

I use Microsoft Picture-It.


Linas, A two fisted camera slinging Specular reflection! :slight_smile:

I too use Microsoft picture it.

Awesome software, ayyy? I’ve been using it for 10 years now.