Photo Size

I just upgraded to a Samsung Note 4 and am using HG Companion. The smallest photo setting size is 2.4meg. Is anyone using this size or have you found it to be too big?

Your going to need to go to the play store and find another camera app. As a note, if you use voice recognition to take photos you’ll lose that capability, unless your replacement app has that function.

HIP auto sizes it …HG does not have that capability ?

Try camera ICS plus. It allows you to down size your pics as small as you want. I’ve noticed it’s also faster than the Samsung camera too.

He is referring to file size. He needs to reduce image resolution which will reduce file size. The Note 4 has a min. res of 2.4 and hes looking for .9
Yes HG auto resizes the photo, I think to 640x480.

Steve is correct. HomeGauge needs about 700k for our expanding pictures when buyers and agents click on them in the report. So anything more than a meg can increase the time of our cloud transfer which usually is around a minute or two.