Changing default picture sizes

Good evening. I removed my third party camera app and went back to the phone’s default camera. I would like to set up my templates for my inspections tomorrow and can’t remember where to go in and change the formats. For example, a medium horizontal shot is set to 320x180 and a vertical at 180x320. Too narrow / too long. Any HG users know?

Open a picture in the picture editor,
Look to the lower Right… Edit default tool settings,
Default picture width.

Thanks Kelly. Yes, I saw that but did not think that was the route to go because I could see if it would “constrain” the settings or if I could adjust the other dimension. I guess that does it automatically. I’ll give it a try.

I would recommend leaving the default settings alone in the edit default settings window and adjust the default settings in your camera app to around or just under 1 mb.

Adjusting the default settings in the HG sw can cause grainy pics, change the sizes or create larger sizes if the user doesn’t understand. It can also give you higher resolution images but may be too high if you use a lot of pictures and max out the limit size.

I am one of those users who doesn’t understand as well as I would like. You can email as he understands how if you desire.