What Camera App

Need some advice as to what 3rd party camera apps others are using to take pictures with HG companion. I just bought the Galaxy s5 and I can’t get the native camera to a low enough resolution to keep my file data numbers down. I average about 100-130 pics per report I started out using Camera MX and Zoom FX which were both buggy and crashed intermittently. If you’re using the S5 let me know what camera app you’ve had success with. Thanks.

Camera ICS+

Google Camera, not the stock Samsung Camera

I’ve had similar experiences with those apps as well and have gone back to stock camera apps.
How are you transferring reports from phone to desktop? If your utilizing HG services have you looked into increasing data? If your using a cable then who cares on file size.
The last thing I want is my phone locking up on an inspection and forcing a hard reboot losing all my unsaved work. Since switching back to stock camera app, this rarely happens.

I use the same app, .99 cents on the playstore. Worth the money.

Thanka guys. I’m going to use ICS+ today. BTW, what resolution are you using?


I use 3.1 mp with the Zoom FX

If you have the option you should set your resolution to one megabyte or the next size down. HG needs around 600k to display the expanding Hi-res image when your customer and agent clicks on them using the web presentation (pdfs are dead images). Anything more than a meg just slows your cloud transfer time down.

Byte or pixel?

yeah…that one…:smiley:

I changed it to .9mp wide

plenty. Those using video can set their range (whatever it is) down some as well or experiment with that too.

I think what is being mentioned, is an alternate camera app is needed as many of the newer Android devices have minimum picture sizes of 3.2 standard or 2.4 wide. the third party camera apps allow you to pick a smaller picture or resolution.

Be careful with Zoom FX. I used to recommend it highly. Lately they’ve had a few buggy versions which I heard were crashing both HG, HIP and other Android inspection programs.

Just read this thread and it was helpful, thanks everyone

I’m shooting pics set at .7mp and Companion is still telling me two sample photos are 4.65 and 5.79 MB and to consider changing camera settings to smaller resolution. How small do have to set the resolution? You can’t go much lower.

.7 is fine. HGC may display the warning whenever a picture did not get sized down properly with your camera which sometimes occurs.

Another option is “Open Camera”. It is a free app that works for Android devices and you can tweak it by percentage. I just use the camera resolution setting of 1440 x 1080, and then keep the image quality to 100%. It is a 1.56 MP file. Not an issue so far with uploads to Homgauge. …The price is right for the app…Free!