Hi all,
Happy new year! I hope everyone has a great 2010.
Do you guys know how to access photos here on the website?
I thought there was a photo gallery and I cannot find it.
thanks for the help

Hi Carla!
Try this :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year! :wink:](

no, I meant actual photos of defects. Maybe I was thinking of a different website.
I thought that Gerry B had set up a photo gallery. ??

For actual photos talk to Marcel Cyr.

He has had several threads where NACHI members have sent in dozens of photos. :wink:

There was a photo gallery submitted by members… I can’t seem to find it now either.
The closest to it might be this Carla:

Try and “defects” and lots of links will load. If there was a specific picture you were looking for, that could help us figure out who had it.