defect pics wanted


I am always looking for good pics of defects for presentations, if you have some really funny pics, or spectacularly stupid installs, I would love to feature them in my presentations. When I sold my business in California and moved to NY, I left most of the archives, and new pics are very welcome. The upcoming Toronto event is coming soon, and I would love to put some of your pics up when I speak, feel free to contact me

I have a full 100 or so pics of the wrap around covered deck on my house that is enough to give any inspector nightmares. They’re going to have to do repairs immediately or pay for me to go in a hotel where it’s safe as they didn’t clean the gutters or repair them last year and the rot is so bad I’m scared to walk on the deck except a very small area.

Big duh about the email address thing. blush

You can go to my site and click on the “photos” link.
Also, you can check out my video of some crazy
pictures and some really cool music. (Video provided
and created by our fellow NACHI member William Decker).


I’m assuming that you would like commercial buildings/


What type of pics are you looking for (plumbing, roofing, electrical, etc)?