PIC of Nick Gromicko with Alberta Minister.

InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko with Minister of Alberta Services, Heather Klimchuk, February 1, 2011.

So Nick,
Did you talk her out of licensing?

When did the Minister grow a beard? :shock:
Vern, have you been holding out on us?? :smiley: :wink:

George I would never do that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Minister Klimchuk is a straight shooter who has consumer’s best interests at heart. We can trust her. I do.

“Spin” is the final Swan Song of the loser of an argument who has been thoroughly decimated by the facts. On this message board, it is the equivalent of throwing in the white towel and admitting defeat.


It’s not really very funny…but it still makes me chuckle to read NACHI’s Canadian critics complain as to how NACHI’s marketing strength is inherently evil…while they are being sledge hammered into oblivion by an unsuccessful contractor pretending to be a home inspector on television…who has nothing but his marketing skills to attribute his success to.:smiley:

Fortunately there are very few who are not extremely Happy with NACHI and Nick in Canada .
Unfortunately those who are never happy are the loud mouth minority who make lots of noise and tend to post false information .
They are not needed and not wanted by most Canadians on this Forum
They continue to show their jealousy and animosities.
I agree it is not the least bit funny .
NACHI continues to grow in Canada and the others do nothing for our industry but complain .

Thanks James… Roy Cooke

Hi James , a couple of weeks ago I renewed my INachi . It’s the one assoc. that gives something in return besides the receipt ! And boy do they (INachi) ever . Unlimited Info and HIs helping HIs , it doesn’t get any better than that . Al Gallatin . :D:D:D