Useful apps for home inspectors?

With all the things you can do on a phone these days and the wide variety of apps out there I got to thinking there must be some apps out there that would be great tools for the home inspector.

I heard about a free recall check app but have no idea on the name. If you use a app that helps you in your job go ahead and post them! Let’s see if we can get a list together!

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Pitch Gauge is my favorite, in camera mode on your phone you can line up a roof line with a line on the screen and it will give you the pitch.

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InterNACHI has one coming out that allows you to identify WDO damage.

That sounds cool Nick. What is the ETA?

Google translate.
Great when dealing with the grandparents of clients :slight_smile:

I just found an amazing photo slotting app.
Will mention more once I see where it is going later.

We just purchased all of the images and we’re making a pocket guidebook first!

Bob what is photo slotting?

going to test further but this thing puts photo albums in a circle around a center point of any gallery you wish and allows instant transfer to any other gallery in a split second.

The advantages should be clear for report slotting.
This will help any mobile software that allows mass import into sections with no need to click save.

Speed might finally allow me to go mobile …but I am ahead of myself.

testing it now while cutting grass,visiting my fiance ,booking inspections,fixing the pool filter and repairing window frames…lol

Have fun and hope you are having a great Summer :slight_smile:

You need to be the Nachi App guy :slight_smile:

I use Accurate Compass and Interapt Roof Gauge Tool.

NEC has wire sizing app that goes by temperature.

Mirror Zoom makes your phone into a mirror.

Here’s some of the apps I go over when I teach the inspection apps class:

Bubble Level

I also use Mileage IQ to log my miles, does it automatically with my iphone

The quickbooks app will do this as well.

Seems to work great…fastest way possible to add and slot gallery picture folders right here…