Tough Economic Times - Laser Focus Required

Not a minute to spare is my motto these days. Every investment I make of my time is more critical now than it ever has been in the last 7 years for my home inspection business. Every deal counts - even the small ones. That is why it is so important to remain focused on profit generating activities. The last thing you want to do is bog yourself down with administrative tasks that are necessary but not profit generating. Your report writing software is just that - a necessary administrative tool to complete a necessary administrative task. When choosing a software report writing tool I look for several features: (1) it must generate an easy to read and visually appealing report format (2) does it allow me to complete my report in the most efficient manner (3) does it help me to be accurate and precise. Of course, there are a lot of programs that can meet these requirements and I own several different pieces of software and have tried even more of them but for my money when I am doing a general home inspection for real estate purposes the fastest most accurate way for me to get from the observations and photo taking to the report delivery is with eInspections. I know it is not the most popular software out there and it certainly hasn’t been around the longest and it doesn’t have the most features. It does have the most essential features, it does generate a beautiful and easy to read report that my Realtor clients prefer (they specifically request this format) and it helps me complete the report in the shortest amount of time allowing me to get back to finding my next inspection job or planning how I am going to expand my business - you know - it helps keep me focus on profit generating activities.

I encourage you to check it out at or

Steve, Nice of you to Drop by.

Didn’t you say the same thing about HomeGauge a while back and then after that about 3D ?

Jeff Knight

Tough Economic Times :slight_smile:

Wasn’t Steve on that House Detective show? Sad, very indeed.

It is a very sad day indeed when some inspectors have so much time on their hands that they have to criticize someone for something. Yes, I have said good things about other software producers and my recent comments do not take anything away from their accomplishments. My point is that eInspections is joining the party. They have a fine product. For those inspectors that are truly interested please visit their website at

For those of you that care to share you opinion about me just call me at 7073226445. I would love to talk with you personally rather than trade childish snipes on a message board. Please don’t waste the time of the inspectors that use this board to gather information that is useful and helpful. I, for one, have found many good products and services on this board based upon other inspectors recommendations. These products and services have helped me immensely in serving my customers.

Thanks for the recommendation (product endorsement) Steve. My software (Home Guage)works fine for half the price. The other $35 will be spent with a laser focus on marketing. Sorry I can’t sit around and B.S. (Bash Steve) my marketing has paid off (thanks Dom) with the top 2generic listings in a large market area.:shock::shock:

If someone is using a quality product, it’s just human nature to share that information with others. This MB will never change! If you don’t have anything productive to contribute to the discussion, then why bother.

Steve is one of the “Best” HI’s in the country. Yes, I said the country!

As far as eInspections and the ISN, it is simply the best “all around” inspection, scheduling and marketing package available. Period.

There are many software packages to choose from, and most of us have our personal favorites. I have used InspectVue, Home Gauge, and now eInspections. All are great products.

Try not to shoot the messenger :slight_smile: If it’s not your cup of tea, then move on to another thread…


Are you being compensated for this endorsement as you were for the others?

Are you a Home Inspector? as after the above comments I visited your site and it appears to be a school rather than a Home Inspection site.

I did not see any links to a report sample that use this unheard of software.

Thanks for the kind advice Kevin. I guess this isn’t my cup of tea. The best HI in the country?? Quit sucking up to the vendors Kevin. Are you still star struck??.:p:p I thought Holmes was the best home inspector in North America. :wink:

How does one determine whom is the best?



How many Agents one knows



Client testimonials

Because Condo Bob said so ? :slight_smile:

Length of time in business

It isn’t your cup of tea, yet you felt the need to respond in a condescending and sarcastic manner.

I wish you all the best.


You have the top FOUR when I look from here. Bob, you better get to it. I told you that you needed to work on your link exchanges!

Thanks Steve for sharing your thoughts. You obviously believe in this product, and that speaks volumes. I’m glad you are personally invested in the best interest of your clients.

I like the video on your website, In the process of adding video to mine, Can I post that Video on my website? I would appreciate it.

Last time I checked I was 4 and 7 for Chicago home inspection which I am sure is what you checked.
What you do not know is I have my keys tagged for something else.

Also I am not pushing for guys from California to hire me.
You location affects what you see Dom (but you know that):slight_smile:

I know you are big on links but all I need is time and have not changed a thing on my sites in months yet I am still busy…go figure.

Watch out when I actually work on them:)

Let me know when everyone turns left so I can go right…Thanks!

Here is the top 7 and I have my two where I saw them yesterday.

I do not even see Linus. Funny as he is usually near mine.
Our two gangs have split the city into south side and north side to avoid bloodshed :slight_smile:
4-30-09 at 209.jpg


At least every time I post, I am not trying to sell something. You have endorsed three home inspection softwares… All three of them cannot be the best. Are you a home inspector or a paid pitchman? That is what is sad.

I do not receive any compensation for my posts. I am not a paid pitchman. The reason I do not post more often is because of this type of back and forth. Not one inspector has made a comment about the software or other types of software, added to the thread by saying this is how I use my software to make my business better or serve my customers.

All I read on this thread is a lot of hens cackling.

I field phone calls and email on regular basis helping other inspectors but I really don’t need to defend myself to you, do I?

And, what if I was a paid pitchman? What do you care? What a childish effort on your part! Home inspectors sell their services everyday! Inspector buy stuff everyday! If you don’t like the software for this reason or that you can always post your thoughts. Why would you attack me as a person? Other than to be mean spirited I can’t figure it. As I said in a previous post if anyone wants to say something about me or to me please call me and I will let you say whatever you want but do not waste the time of this inspector community by making such frivolous posts that are mean spirited - and do not help anyone.

Think about it. If an inspector who only post endorsements of three different reporting systems or is trying to sell his classes, what would we think. And yes it is our concern because without disclosing if you are being compensated you are breaking our COE. And frankly we are getting tried of constantly being sold to. You got to put yourself in our shoes and understand how you are coming off to us.