Pictures of Electrical Code Violations "Defects" :mrgreen:

I see one picture shows rust on the exterior of a junction box, please post the code violation here.

Bruce, I think the violation there is the top entry without the use of a raintight fitting.

On second look, it is not even a 3r enclosure

… … and the JB is not designed for use where exposed to the weather.

That’s it, see Table 110.20 in the 2008 NEC for this information.


Add this to your collection and please excuse the structural issues

Thanks Barry, looks like a damp location and the wiring methods appear to be incorrect.

Even if the work was right, tell us what is wrong structurally please.

That’s easy just copied what went into the report.

The patio cover framing and materials does not comply with any building standards. It is absent proper attachment to the house structure, absent proper rafters, absent joist hangers, absent proper flashings, absent header for proper rafter support, support posts are in contact with soil, not secured properly and inadequately sized for the load, roof covering is not designed for slopes less than 4:12 or has to have a double layer of an approved underlayment, which isn’t present, there is evidence of previous moisture staining at the roof decking and structural members, elevated moisture levels detected at these locations, mold, and rot are present. Consult a qualified carpenter with proper patio cover installation experience to remove and reinstall correctly if required or for further details.

The framing is pure crap. I don’t see any rhyme or reason to how he intended to carry the load and the actual execution is just a lot of wood, hanging from the deck.

Got to do a video about this “crap” and add it here!