Piers not plumb..Yep! And more!

What do you think about these piers?
For one it is way out of plumb and I don’t like the way it is supporting the beams above.

It matches the beam…:mrgreen:

Looks to me like it was hit by a canoe. :mrgreen:

What the hell kind of beam lamination is that, anyways?:shock:

Now that is something that needs further evaluation by an SE or Qualified framing Contractor.



Did you build that Roy?

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No I didn’t but ain’t that screwed up? Half a million dollar home on the Gulf. It seems like the Builder could have done a better job to say the least.
The realtor has a report from the last inspector about 5 years ago. And he didn’t call that out…
WTF… he was a Ashi… that says a lot

Level and plumb are both over-rated. :slight_smile:

I got it. I caught your drift!

Meaning it’s all just fruit to you?

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There is a lot of resemblance…Yep!

I rarely see plumb pilings on a stilt home. The beam divergence is a new one though. How old is this, and was there any deflection observed?

Is it an architect’s house?

1993 …I found no racking of any windows or doors…
And only very minor settlement crack on the plaster wall and ceilings, and at only 2 places… minor cracks.
I still don’t like it.

Nothing level but the gutters! :lol:

And we wrote that up…
Here is the images from the Widow’s walk…
That is nice…Yep!

When we built our beach house (back when I was nine years old), the support pilings went at least 8 feet into the ground, so being less than plumb was not a huge deal. The pilings in the pic look a whole lot less than plumb, though.

With most of the “stilt” foundations I saw, the pilings were knit together into a single system by interconnecting beams, again mitigating the problems of not-quite-plumb-ness.

All that being said, this place looks like a hot mess. I would definitely defer to a structural engineer.