Bad pier & beam

Some photos of yesterday’s P & B. I could only access one small area of the crawl space and found these. make you wonder what else was under there. The side of the house where this beam is, was out of level by 7" in about 18’. Notice the pier and how the bottom of it is cone shaped. Every pier visible was like this.
beam1.JPG beam2.JPG beam3.JPG Pier.JPG


Pat did you find any WDI damage?



Yes, my pest inspector found damage throughout the house and crawl space. Nothing active, but no signs of treatment either.

Nice find Pat.


Can I use those most excellent photos? I like the cracked joist in the 1st photo, too.

Feel free to use them any way you wish. I have a couple more from a 75 year old house I did this morning. I’ll post them tomorrow.

are those corn stalks under there???

I guess the earth to lumber contact started that. My neck of the woods we use precast piers at minimum and treated posts to intersect girder/beam.

That pic was friggin sweet tho. Never seen that extensive.

They still buying? :slight_smile:

Yes, the deal is an “as is” purchase. the buyer is a remodeler that is going to renovate and flip the home. He wanted the inspection so he had as much info. as possible going into the renovations.

“As is…”

This is the norm for the majority of home purchases, actually. When the seller’s agent reminds the buyer, and their agent, that the home is being sold “as is”, I always point out that that is exactly correct.

I then follow up with the comment that that is why we are inspecting the home: so my client understands what “as is” really means, and if he/she still accepts those terms after the inspection is complete.

“A.I. Professional Home Inspections… Helping the buyer learn what as is really is…”