Pillar to Post

Howdy folks.

I just got me a new home and I had the top dude at pillar to post inspect it…

After going through the report I can tell you that I would not ever want to work for P to P. This person missed broken windows, and did not bother to put the age of the HVAC, WH etc. There were many other OMISSIONS that I will not mention here… WTF?

I will say that he did MEET the MIN. standard for my State…

This is my point! WTF!

WE need to be more accountable folks…

What say you my old friend’s ( chuckles) Joe F.? James B.? RR ?, Gerry B.? NICK? heh

Obviously, this is a problem in the State of AZ

Folks are getting screwed!:mad:


First, if you haven’t read the SOP’s for AZ then check them out here…it appears that some of your expectations exceed that AZ SOP’s…which simply means that it is optional at best.

Secondly, why did you use P 2 P…was it price, was it recommendation from a 3rd party…or did you actually contact the individual and other than asking his bottom price, find out how much he actually knew and what services were being provided for the price quoted? (what did you pay by the way)

Third, there should have been a contract sign stating what he was going to inspect as well as limitations…did you fully read the contract before signing…and if so then why all the questions?

And finally, did you contact the inspector to present your concerns?



tallen, were you not a former member of NACHI? Or did you just post here a lot?

You have no grounds for complaint. It appears you should have chosen a little more wisely if you wanted more than a bare bones inspector.

The Pillar to Post in my area is horrible too, but Realtors love him. He is an uncertified A$Hi guy. He told me he always marks attics and crawlspaces as unaccessible for he does not have to enter them. I get a lot of calls from people who used him and is very unhappy. I just responded, so “You are telling me, you did not research your inspector and just went with the one your Realtor referred you to. I sympathize with you but it seems that you and your Realtor needs to discuss why he is referring an uncertified inspector. It is best to leave me out of it.” Sad but true.

This proves licensing solves nothing.

I love that punch line. :mrgreen:

My first reaction is to wonder what you paid for this inspection? I get these sort of calls from time to time with folks telling me their Hi did a lousy job. Then I ask them what they paid and I hear “Well he was the cheapest for XXX.XX”.

My advanced inspection on a typical home in my market is 1600. That includes water testing including Uranium, Full house thermal image scan for hidden issues, mold sampling, energy audit. radon in air, urgency rating for all defects and CPSC research on anything that can be researched. Plus the most through visual inspection that I can do under the conditions at the time.

Since you omit how much you paid and if what you paid was the reason you hired that inspector I can only generalize. If folks are being “screwed” by their inspector I find it often has 1 of 2 reasons. Either an inexperienced inspector who works cheap because that’s all they’ve got or an inspector who is so “deal friendly” that they basically just copy the disclosure form. (I should add that I’ve seen this several times but it’s never been an InterNACHI member. Always those other folks.)

The OP is/was a home inspector and ex member of this association. with that said, Todd knows the basic fundamentals of hiring a home inspector. I believe the point he was trying to make is 1. the inspector is affiliated with ASHI and 2. is franchised with one of the largest home inspection affiliates in the nation, but can’t or won’t do an inspection the proper way.


I know it’s good to have a third eye inspecting a property that you are interested in purchasing, but couldn’t you locate an inspector friend (or iNACHI member) close by?

I always thought Todd was smarter than that. From my understanding he is/was a good inspector and should know how to find one…


When did they let you out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Todd, I remember you as a smart enough inspector. Surely you could pick someone competent, no?

Maybe they’ll give you a mulligan? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he is just trying to stir the pot, sounds as if Todd really didn’t have an inspection done at all. Just my thoughts.

Todd, dude, P2P serioulsy??? What were you thinking??

Should of had Dominic T inspect it== or me and BK—I could of brought a ladder as well—:stuck_out_tongue:

For an extra 50 I’d tell u the age of the appliances—:stuck_out_tongue: