Plastic valves?

What are these plastic valves? They are all over this 2011 condo. Any known issues?

I see them all the time around SC, and I don’t think there is a major builder around here that isn’t using them on new construction right now. So, no known issue to me.

Assuming condo fitted with PEX…

Cheap a$$ push/pull shut-off valves.

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Ya pull and push the knob to turn on/off water to the fixture. We’ll know if these have problems in a few years.

Yep, super-common around Oregon too. I figure they are good for about three push/pulls before they break.

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Do you know if these connect to copper and PEX?

David do you see the color of the pipe the valve is connected to?

PEX tube and L and M copper have the same OD.

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