Plates at rim joists with attached straps

Just wondering if anyone has information on this device. There are 6x6 inch plates attached at the rim joist around the basement. Unfortunately the straps are covered by the water management system and I can’t see where they go.

I can move the straps. not much tension.

Any help would be appreciated… been search in the internet.



Never seen this. Not too many basement out this way. Possibly a support/ hold for an item (behind wall) for the water management system?? Since you stated that the straps have no tension, I wouldn’t imagine they have any structural significance, plus its a cloth, nylon or fiber strap material which further leads me to believe its a light supportive hold. Whats on the outside of the home at this location? Just curious.

*Call a local company that does this sort of install and ask them if you can send them an email photo for possible identification of a system component.

Your right Peter, I can’t see any structural significance here either.

I blew it up 400% and it is just a plate with a D-ring and a double nylon strap going down behind the drywall, or whatever it is.

I would still be curious as to what it was for.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Attachment points for a crane?

I still have not found out why these are installed at 6 foot intervals on the house built in the 50’s with block wall cracks. A water control company has been in and added the plastic coated walls and drainage to control the water. Too bad they never repair the reason the water is getting through. Only manage the symtons, not the cause.

I’m still checking around.

Do you know what company did the waterproofing?

If you find out and they have a website maybe they would have some information or you could call them.

I have seen the strips or sheets that they place on the walls. Some are painted on and some are in strip form.

Maybe the one you show is an addition support for the strips.

I would think the epoxy or whatever the material is they would not need those anchors.

That is definetly one I have not seen.