Playing Poker

Inspecting houses is a lot like playing poker its all about knowing when to hold them and knowing when to fold. I my mind I received the ultimate compliment this morning my client came to the inspection right before it ended and we were BS found out he is a HVAC tech and has friends and relatives all in the trades but stated he wanted me to inspect because when he was working for one of the big A/C contractors in the area they would all discuss and or cuss me saying how in the He!! does he find all of the stuff he finds. Simple guys all one has to do is just know what to look for.:wink:

And when are u-and-I going to get a “real” HVAC program going?

Looks like the “BOSS” has their own program going on.

Looks like you-and-I cost too much for our years of experience.

Ahhh can you read between the lines;-):smiley:

We are not obliged to keep an open mouth on the HVAC subject…

Until a HI gets off their ***** and asks a real question ( besides how old the damn thing is) I have no comment.

There are several folks (even with Phd’s) that gain from what you and I post. We ask for not much in return (a link to a web site would be nice, could we make it more simple?).

Sorry, I’m in a foul mood at the moment…

There are a lot of vendors making bucks teaching you what you can collect elsewhere. Some *****holes are trying to collect on IR “procedures”!!!

I have offered several devices that I could charge for and received nothing but a slap in the face for going outside of the SOP.

Maybe we need a poll (god forbid). Should Charlie & Dave teach HVAC?

I walk around life with a fat lip from biting it from the crazy stuff I read on a daily basis. Does anyone really care about HVAC?

Should Charlie and I devote our busy schedule to your needs?

We’re not obliged to, though we do our best. I keep a link open to the NACHI BB 24/7 (when I’m on line) in case there is a question. We do have a life!


The more you give us, the merrier. I would love a great course. Right now, I am reading an old school book called “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”. But as far as ventilation goes, looks like Nick has beat you to the lunch with his free late night phone consultation service:

Sure why not lets put one together for free;-) and see if our phone rings.

Need HVAC training?

Get it HERE! You won’t want to miss this.

Coming soon…