Please help proofread new book for members. Get free copies.

After Nick purchased and shipped out so many free inspection books recently, he asked me to write one specifically to help InterNACHI members get more work.

This new 110-page book is also designed to reduce inspector liability.

We are about to print 40,000 copies of this new book titled Now that You’ve had a Home Inspection…

It has not been proofread yet. Please review it.

If you find an error (typo, spelling, grammar, or technical), post it on this message board thread:

We’ll ship you 5 free copies for EACH error you uncover. No limit.

If you have a suggestion for improvement that we use, we’ll also ship you 5 free copies for EACH. No limit.

The books will be printed near the end of March and, unless you give us different instructions, we’ll ship to the address InterNACHI has on file for you in your

For your review, we’ve broken down the book into 4 sections (pdfs). PDFs take a few minutes to open:

Chapters 1-3: free-book-ch1-ch3.pdf
Chapters 4-5: free-book-ch4-ch5.pdf
Chapters 6-7: free-book-ch6-ch7.pdf
Chapters 8-12: free-book-ch8-ch12.pdf

The book is copyrighted, however, if you see something in it that you want for your brochure or website, email me at and we’ll give it to you. The cover is being designed now.

After Nick ships all the free copies out, he is planning on selling the rest to members at cost ($1.99 each). The book will have 3 holes punched in it; the book can be inserted into a 3-ring binder along with the inspection report. The inspector shall give this book to every client.

I tried to read it, but every time I try to enlarge it, it automatically goes to a Bear Freeware site.

Page 27…Clearance…Remove the comma between the words “significant” and “lasting”.

Page 30…Top of second column…“Overtime”…should be “Over time”…two words.

Page 31 …“weather tightness” is not hyphenated, but two words. It is hyphenated on Pages 32 and 39. Which way is correct I leave to your discretion. Both of them, however, can’t be right.

Page 39…“doorframe”…should be “door frame”…as it is on other pages.

page 5. “the answer to **those **questions” should read “the answer to these questions”.

Page 12 where it says," Cracks in concrete could be cut open and sealed" should read, “Cracks in concrete can be cut open and sealed”

Lots of books coming, Mr. Bushart.

5 books!

5 Books!

5 books!

There is so much in this book that is explaining to the reader what an inspector is supposed to do…why? Is this for him to use to sue his inspector, later, for missing something? Does he use it to advise his inspector during the inspection, should the inspector get stuck on something? Does he use the book as a guide to do his own inspection?

What is the value of a book for a client that tells him what his inspector is supposed to do? Just wondering. Seriously. What am I not getting?


chapter 1 page 8 “***the fact that a system component is near,at,or beyond the end…***”

No comma between at and or

chapter 1 page 24 “the strength of a gutter’s fastning

should not have apostrophy

“woodframed” on page 55 bottom left should be two separate words. The hyphen is caused by the single word breaking across two lines.

5 books!

This book will be 3-holed punched.

So that inspectors can insert the book into a 3-ring binder.

Along with their inspection report.

The book is to be given to each client.