Please help settle a bet - Florida

my buddy and I have a bet (his is regarding a 4-point in FL on Citizens form)

  • he says:
    an inspector is not required to mark cloth wiring if it is cloth jacketed rubber insulated wiring.
    -I say: hogwash! inspector has to indicate cloth wiring - no matter what type it is.

What say you?


He is right. You lost your bet.

If that were the case most older homes in Florida wouldn’t get homeowners insurance.


Yep! You lost!


I say, as a real estate agent, knowing the truth should keep you out of trouble. :man_shrugging:

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I think that what is evident from this recurring question is that these alligator wrestlers over at Citizens need to hire someone who knows what what they’re talking about. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


agreed but my question wasn’t from the perspective of a real estate broker. interestingly enough, the response received this afternoon from Citizens states that cloth wiring should be indicated. I wonder if since it’s a Citizens form, any inspector using that form would have to adhere to Citizens intent of the form?
I find it interesting that inspectors are expected (?) to be able to spot the various types of wiring.

agreed. an attorney told me that if a 4-point did not disclose cloth wiring (of any type) and the 4-point was a condition of an application for insurance; it is possible in the event of a claim (relative to electrical), the claim could be denied even if the insured had no knowledge of cloth wiring, he called it involuntary misrepresentation. Is that crazy or what?

Actually, no.
IMO, it falls under the similar legal stance of… “Ignorance of the law is not a legal defense”.

(I’m surprised the attorney didn’t also elaborate on the inspectors potential for liability).

I agree.
I do not consider that cloth wiring. It may have “cloth” sheathing, but it does not have cloth insulation. (like knob and tube)

The few times I have actually called out cloth, it is always just one circuit. (Typically a 50 amp circuit to the range)

As long as the rubber insulation looks like its in good condition, its fine.