Please read this

Hello guys and gals…

Think I was kidding when I harped on the fact that we have targets painted on us?

Think I was kidding what I have stated that SOPs can help do us in?

Think I was kidding when I scream at inconsistencies and non-standardization ofhow we “exceed the standards of practice”?

Think I was kidding about referring to “code”?

Click the followng link and read it. I mean REALLY READ IT.

Now’s the time, folks…

I knew this day was coming, which is why I created IAS. Inspection Arbitration and Mediation is ALL WE DO.

Our neutrals are attorneys, contracting officers, inspectors (multiple associations), and construction experts.

They know our industry.

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What makes them think that they have any more experience in SOP’s then INACHI or ASHI, etc. What (80 years). The article is not eye opening, but needs repeated.

Quote: Even though home inspection standards of practice and codes of ethics have been written by and are periodically revised by well-intentioned individuals, few of those involved in the process have the experience required to write clear and unambiguous standards.

Call the phone number. He answers…“helllllooop”? When asked if he was an attorney, he said no. I hung up.