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Hello guys and gals…

Think I was kidding when I harped on the fact that we have targets painted on us?

Think I was kidding what I have stated that SOPs can help do us in?

Think I was kidding when I scream at inconsistencies and non-standardization ofhow we “exceed the standards of practice”?

Think I was kidding about referring to “code”?

Click the followng link and read it. I mean REALLY READ IT.

Now’s the time, folks…

I knew this day was coming, which is why I created IAS. Inspection Arbitration and Mediation is ALL WE DO.

Our neutrals are attorneys, contracting officers, inspectors (multiple associations), and construction experts.

They know our industry.

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Is it just possible some of the more recent attention being driven this way is because there are many novices who have entered this profession with little or no training, understanding of what a home inspection should be, how it or business is to be conducted? I have seen many posts here and elsewhere by HI that make my jaw drop because they should know the answers to their numerous and frequent inquiries or at least be able to do a little research on their own. It is just easier and faster to come here and ask. I am not whacking anyone for having legit questions or seek clarification, but some are off the chart. We see inspectors who come here the night before an inspection and want to know how to do an EIFS inspection, or a septic tank, electrical, etc. It affects all of us as we are lumped together.

The more unskilled, improperly trained inspectors that enter the field the more often items get missed or glossed over because the inspector does not want to offend the agents who are their primary source of referrals. We see these kinds of questions in here daily. The problem is only going to get worse as more people lose their jobs and think HI is the road to fast and easy riches. In some cases the client has a legitimate complaint and the inspector is slow to respond to call backs or does not respond at all. It is looking more and more like it is time to just go fishing, drink a few beers and find a fun hobby. Desperate people including the lawyers are looking for any loose change they can find. Two or three careers in one lifetime is enough.

And yet this guy offers “Home Inspector Consultation”. It does not even look like he is an attorney. So he helps home inspectors on one hand and helps screw them with the other. Nice guy.

The phone number listed at the top of his page is an office number for:

$250 a year for his “help”