Please stop!!!

Stop with the thread drifts. Useless ranting about the system during perfectly informative posts helps no one. Start your own post about how the system does a disservice to your clients.

How did the Dolphins get on this weekend?

BAAAAAAAA…Cutler sux, although da bears defense is hurting. Good win for youse guys.
Now lets talk about how the irish got robbed…

Boy, what a game, I’m an Irish fan, that last call was BS from my understanding. Even Bill Clinton made a remark on that BS call.

just sayin’

Here we go Steelers, Here we go! :slight_smile:


I thought it was the right call ( bachelors in RE from FSU:))

right call.
Even ESPN commentators said it was the right call.
Clinton is real believable.

Pick play is legal inless you drive the CB like a blocking sled!

Well I got to jump in too.


Within five yards of the line of scrimmage they are legal.

I have new socks on today! :smiley:

How about those bears?

My son will take care of them! :mrgreen:

GO STEELERS! Great game today! :slight_smile: