Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name

… i shouted out, who killed the Kennedy’s?
When after all, it was you n me

What does the building code say per foundation walls, exterior walls, chimney?

… hmm well in-part it says, ‘Shall be free of all holes and cracks which admit rodents, water, dampness to the interior…’

Most city inspectors we’ve met are oblivious to this and continue to ‘okay’ interior system permits/jobs when the actual problems are on the exterior. Well Mr city inspector, why don’t you do YOUR job or, don’t you know it or, care about the facts or are many in-bed w/interior system companies, which is it please lolll

leaky basement, block walls, LOTS of efflorescence on blocks inside basement, some mold etc
GEE, how is the water getting in?

front wall

Drive side… homeowner told Bubba, when he turns on spiggy he gets water on floor, where bottom of block wall meets the floor… right HERE lol

Drive side again lolll

the installation of any type of interior basement drainage system and 22 sump pumps does NOT, will not ‘STOP’ further water from entering ANY of these exterior cracks, HOLES etc (duh building code)

and beyond the INT system chump a roos, you have incompetent crap like this thrown at people and… 476,000 views??? lolllllllllllllllll

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I have no sympathy for the Devil!