some home inspectors are real good and thorough and others simply suck

Posted a video yesterday of this same crap, buyer just moved in 6 weeks ago, had a home inspection and the HI missed several things

Can some SEE? How much do ‘some’ spend inspecting the foundation walls?
They claim they ‘inspect’ the foundation walls, when visible and…these walls are/were visible. OPEN your eyes please.
See the doctored mortar joints in the leaky area (corner to bathroom), the floor tiles etc. Even though the dumb wall was painted with DRYLOK
a) still leaks
b) the HI should have noticed and then warned the buyer of the doctored mortar joints, floor etc… all visible at the time of inspection.

Same house different room, this room is about 10’ away from the first video/leaky area. AGAIN, why didn’t the HI say/write anything???
Obvious IF one opens the door (was nothing to prevent the HI from opening the door), one would see the recent parging on the inside of block basement wall plus the screw up floor tiles, hellllllllo? Ding ding ding.

Building code, since this is what some want to ‘go by’, says in part…" Foundation walls, exterior walls… All foundation walls shall be maintained plumb and FREE from open cracks and breaks and shall be kept in such condition so as to prevent the entry of water, rodents and other pests…
Interior basement drainage system previously installed here, did THEY diagnose/determine the actual problems which were EXTERIOR cracks in the foundation wall? And did they repair/waterproof those cracks? Nope.

The city okayed, passed the permit of the interior system! loooolll How can you pass, ok the installation of an interior system when the problems are…outside!!!

Had the city inspector known what the hll he was ‘inspecting’ err ummm, figured out WHY and where the basement leaks then… lool he would not have okayed the job!

Then when I pulled our dumb permit, the same city inspector passed/okayed ours, and correctly so!
But he screw up by okaying the interior system because it didn’t fix/repair the OPEN CRACKS on the outside of the wall which was why the basement was leaking55215!^$#@@!!@^$$#^ loll omfg, sad azz peps.

They want to use, go by, the building codes then… do it! As usual, this basement leaked, had open cracks on the exterior and so…llllllOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLlllll, that is what should have been fixed intitially! Should have NOT passed the interior drainage crap and should have told the homeowner and the dumb interior company the basement needed exterior waterproofing!

What? It’s fine and DORKY to install an interior basement system and sump pump at this house too?
Leave these exterior cracks OPEN? Let it deteriorate further? Raise and slope the grade? loolll What?

I had a call the other day asking me if I did foundation inspections.

I asked what the situation was. The gentlemen on the phone explained he had hired a home inspector and the inspector recommend a foundation inspection with no explanation as to why one was needed. headesk