Leaky basement block basement wall n quite a bit of efflorescence

saw cut concrete day for job tomorrow, will slap videos of exterior wall, cracks etc tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow…

ummm, the slabs PITCHY away, someone tarred along perimeter, same old weak, cheap crap

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oh lookieeee i found the video of inside same basement

home inspector… ? lol sheesh, folks you need to find a good Nachi home inspector, yep!

…Looked at my watch it was a QUARTA past 7:00 that’s when we rolled up n took off ta heaven

…Looked at my watch it was a quata TA 8:00 ya know she made a lil move…

…Looked at my watch it was a quata ta 9:00 she said--------

I look forward to seeing the vids after you open that up.

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Yep, Mark will have some nice informative ones to see… :+1:

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Yes, but if it was PITCHY toward the house, there would be 200 gallons of water in the basement instead of 20 :smiley: It does not stop, it HELPS minimize. Come on, man!

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sure divert the SURFACE water away, absolutely… but doing THAT will NOT solve 99.99% leaky basements, got milk? Siiiiimon! lol

ok here’s some videos from today (video’s above)

see the multiple exterior cracks in block walls, been there a looong time, yep. Water been entering basement through those a long time, yep lol. Caused some mold and efflorescence on inside block wall

If you watch vid-above of the INSIDE, i’ll state again that the HI or anyone who totally misguided this BUYER is a moron on this subject and should lose the inspection fee, just my 2 cents.

building codes on this subject lacking big time, unreal that it is still a-okay with city building inspectors etc to backfill with all same clay soil and other garbage when doing EXT waterproofing. It is also okay with them to damproof the EXT wall, more stupid shtt. But whatever lol, go ahead and continue with your weak crap

So plz do tell all how would installing an interior basement drainage system and 49 sump pumps stopped further water from entering the EXT cracks in wall and the gaps under the basement windows etc? Never, they don’t and so they’ll never stop-prevent possibility of mold and efflorescence inside basement. Installing interior basement systems are better for…these companies/contractors who almost always or always install them. They make more money! Sheesh they are not what’s best for the basement, for the basement wall and homeowners.