Plumbing in cold region, snow in winter

Are the pipes ran any different ? Any provisions to stop supply lines from
freezing .


In MO. KS. not a good plan to run the lines in attics or cantilevered ares that hang out over the great outdoors.
Plumbing in exterior walls is done but not such a great idea either.Service lines are buried @3’.
Materials? The DIY’ers may use cpvc because it’s easy to use but it splits like crazy when it freezes and the split is hard to isolate when repairing.
Copper is the most commonly used.Splits from freezing are easy to cut out and replace and if you can’t keep water out of the lines during a sweat repair just stuff them with bread,It absorbs the water long enough to make the repair then dissolves or flushes out.
Plumbers are really beginning to use PEX alot .It’s so new I think the jury is still out on that.