Plumbing question

A family member ask me to look into this. So I went over and look.

In the basement there is constant sound of water flowing (flow not drops). The mains (downstream of the meter) feels like there is strong flow. However, no faucets/taps are on, or is leaking. The sound and feel is continuous. Turning the main shut off valve off reduces the sound, but does not eliminate it. The little dial on the meter only spins if a faucet is actually opened.

So here are my questions:

  1. If water is flowing, why am I not seeing it?
  2. Anyone has a theory?
  3. Am I overlooking something?

I took some pictures in the area of the meter. There is some work going on in the basement so the utility room is temporary a storage area. That’s the reason for the stuff laying around.




Could mean a leak underground or noise of running water from an undersized city ductile iron water main being telegraphed.

I wold turn of the supply and see if you still hear this sound . Did you try an turn off the supply .If yes and the sound is still there then you could have leak out side the home . If the sound stops then look for a leak in the home . Look for a toilet shut of leaking they can be loud .
Please keep us posted on what you have tried and what you find . Look for a trap feed they can be small but noisy too.

Is a hot water recirculating system?

No. Regular set up: Forced air heating through ducts and registers; Hot water tank system plumbing system.

Went back today. Turning off the water main lowered the intensity a bit but the sound was still present. There is absolutely no leak inside the house. Given the volume of the sound, if there was a leak I would expect water to be gushing and not tip, tip, tip. Toilet seem normal (i.e continuous running). I have no explanation…pretty much lost.

He will speak to the corporation sometime this week to see if they have an idea whats up, or more importantly if any of the neighbors have the same experience.

Michael, the above bolded and underlined is NOT normal and could be your issue. Water to the toilet should shut off completely once the tank is filled.

I meant no continuous running…was typing too fast.

When I was having my Orangeburg replaced a few years ago, the plumber discovered that my water main and the neighbors water main were run tight together from the curbstops to the front of my house. From there, mine went straight into the house and the neighbors ran across the front of my home and into his. This seemed odd, but I did not put much more thought into it.

A year or so later, I was working in my basement when I heard water running and nothing was turned on in the house. I went outside to check my hosebibs and noticed that the neighbor was watering his garden, from his hosebib. I went back down in the basement to check my water meter. The water meter was not moving but I could still hear the water running. After a few minutes it stopped and I looked out to see that he was done watering. I called him and told him to turn the hose back on. Sure enough it started back up. It turned out that the sound was telegraphing from where the two water mains touch each other. I still notice it from time to time.

It could be that your family member has the same situation.

I am suspecting that too since no other explanation makes any sense. The confusing part about it is that he only noticed it a few weeks ago and it remains constant since.

Could be a circ pump on the hot water or a whole house humidifier ?

Call the water utility and tell them that you suspect that the meter is malfunctioning. They’ll find the source…:slight_smile:

There is leakage of water in pipe that’s why sound produce regular.

Yes confirmed. It is outside. Work not done yet.