Plumbing supply line discrepancy

Hello. Looking for some expert opinions on a PB pipe issue. Bought our home in 2006 (built 1996) and inspection report reads “The plumbing system incorporates CTS plastic supply lines with PVC plastic, waste, disposal and vent lines.” It goes on to include a few general paragraphs about pressure, fixtures, and points out a small drip in PVC drain pipe under kitchen sink. Well now we are selling this home and buyers realtor informs us PB pipe has been found and is asking a repipe before close. Having never heard of this I do a few google searches, educate myself a little, peek behind two toilets and in plain sight immediately see PB 2110 on grey pipe. Turns out inspection this time was done by the same company we used in 2006 but now report reads, "“The plumbing system incorporates polybutylene plastic supply lines with PVC plastic, waste, disposal and vent lines.” It then goes on to include almost the exact same verbatim paragraphs about pressure, fixtures, etc - main difference noting that some of faucets have been updated. It then includes at end of plumbing section a starred paragraph explaining the problem with PB pipe, the class action suit (noting however that claims ended in 2009) and noting that no current leaking was observed.

Any ideas as to what CTS plastic supply lines means in first report? Is this an error, an omission, or just a vague description that is neither right or wrong?? I am so confused and quite upset of course by this. I just cant imagine the motivation of an inspector to neglect to inform us of this back when we bought. Thanks in advance for any insight.

CTS just means Copper Tube Size eg, equivalent to whatever size copper tubing, so the report you got in 2006 should have said CTS Polybutylene lines or PB lines. Start with the inspection company, show them the original report and see what they say.

Hi Crissi.
Where are you located?