Hi guys,

Florida home built in 1973 had one utility sink in the garage with possible polybutylene risers - and also, what appeared to be supply to the dishwasher found in the kitchen (third picture, in middle - not very clear, sorry). Not sure if these were original. Remainder of interior of home had been upgraded to cpvc.

I hesitate to call out poly as there was no labeling on the piping, although all factors point to this.



The small risers were not part of the class action that I know of, PB risers are still being used in new homes. I can’t tell what you have in the walls in that 2nd picture though.
Did you look real good at the water heater and main valve area?

Hey Bruce. Thanks for the info - didn’t know that. That’s all there was in the home. Really appreciate your input -

I do not see any polybutylene in those pictures. That pipe was used from 1978 to 1994 (5)

Looks like it behind the wall board but I agree the date is not right.

On second look, it may just be copper with paint over spray. need better pic.

Thanks Michael -

The water supply from shut off valves appears to be either 3/8” PEX or Poly, and is still available for purchase as flexible supply tubing, but not a choice I prefer. The piping in wall in picture 2 appears to me to be too rigid to be PEX or poly. Picture 3 is a hack job; I guess they forgot the golden rule “measure twice cut once, not the other way around”

Appreciate it Gary

Did home have a crawlspace. If so, its better to get your findings from there. I’ve seen multiple types of supply lines in a home.

Regardless of whether the risers were part of a class suit or not, I recommend they be replaced with the braided stainless steel risers as an upgrade. The product supplied by Shell to the makers of the pipe was no different in formulation than that used in the larger pipes that failed without warning. No sense in taking any chances for such an inexpensive and easy repair.