Plumbing trap excessive tail piece

I called out an excessive tail piece yesterday as the trap was over 36" away from the sink drain (start of tail pipe). Builder came out today and says is within 47" and it is fine. What is your opinions? Thanks.

I assume you’re referring to the trap arm (a horizontal pipe) rather than the tail piece (a vertical pipe).

The maximum trap arm length depends on the pipe size. For instance, a 1-1/4 inch pipe can have a trap-arm length (from trap to vent) of 30 inches. A 4 inch pipe can have a trap-arm length of 10 feet.

At 47 inches, it should be at least a 2 inch pipe - which can have a maximum trap-arm length of 5 feet.

This is U.S. standards - I just noticed you are up North.

No, I am referring to the vertical piping. The trap is over 36 inches below the kitchen sink. The trap is in the crawlspace.

Maximum tail piece length is 24 inches except for clothes-washer stand pipes.

Again, U.S. standards. . .

Doesn’t matter the length of the tailpiece (which is excessive), I wouldn’t like to see plastic nuts and washers in the crawl. If it leaked no way to tell and the air test for the code inspection does not include tailpiece or P trap. Agree with Jeff 24 inches is max.

Check your BC code. In Ontario 48 inches is OK. The trap is quite often below the floor for kitchen island sinks.