QOD for 9/6/06 plumbing

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Good one Gerry this should surprise a lot of people . Roy Cooke

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the correct answer is: 1 1/4 inches



Here is one that only uses a 3/4 for sanitary waste . http://www.saniflo.com/products/saniplus.asp

The one I saw last month used A 1 inch .
I have seen quiet a few and they work great better then tearing up a lot of concrete and much cheaper . One has been running for ten years
Roy Cooke

Assuming the question refers to “standard pipe sizes” Trap arms found under most sinks can be as small as 1-1/4" as Gerry said. I have never come across a tail piece smaller than 1-1/4" on a standard size sink.

I believe Sandiflo systems is not free flowing and requires grinder/blades to shop up the solids as it passes through.

This is my first reply as I just joined NACHI on Monday, I hope my response has not offended anyone.

Steve Blayney

Welcome steve we at NACHI try never to be offended .
You will see some discussions going on and figure war is comming and tomorrow is a new day .
Gerry said sanitary and I think this is it .
I sure would prefer to not get sprayed with it .
Gerry is one of our good teachers and we all try to keep him on his toes he is not always right but seldome wrong .
He will stumble on this site and have an openion soon I hope .
Roy Cooke

Hi Roy, good one… you got me I was only thinking about gravity wastes when I wrote the question, IRC states that all discharge piping of grinding pumps may not be smaller than 1.25 inches, however it also states:

Nice catch mate :wink: