Plumbing vent boots

When rubber seal is “rolled over” would you concur that the wrong pitched plumbing vent boot was used?

Plumbing vent boots do not have a certain pitch. They are generic and go according to the size of the pipe you are flashing.

Your picture looks like the pipe was pushed down from the top of the roof through the boot, thats why it’s wrinkled.

I would be more concerned with the exposed nail heads.

Seal the nails. Everything else is OK to me.


I have a similar boot on my house but the pipe is constructed with copper/steel, I have a leak/drip into the attic due to the rubber seal being “rolled over” and water penetrating between the rubber and stack materials. Over time the seal can crack and leak. Water will find away if it can.

I would add a preventive maintenance comment on the boot for annual maintenance to prevent roof leaks and to seal the nail heads like others stated.

Another view showing pitch of roof. Again, would anyone concur incorrectly pitched boot is installed?

I agree with your comment, Dave. The house is only 3 years old & never been lived in.
Would crease caused by “roll over” cause unnecessary stress and potential premature failure? If this were your house that you had built, would you want corrected?

Typical, typical, typical. That’s the purpose of the rubber seal…so it can move with the roof pitch. If it’s not cracked, move on.

what do you plan to change it with?

I would like to change mine with one that doesn’t leak.

In regards to the one Joshua posted I would not change out the flashing/boot just make a note of sealing the nails and preventive maintenance to prevent or reduce the risks of leakage.

The one in your picture is generic, if it’s for a specific roof pitch then what is it and why is it wrong.

In my area we don’t use specific boots for specific roof pitches.

your area may be different.

Like I said, looks like they pushed the pipe down from the top. Was it leaking?

Check this out!

Very nice!!

put some silicone on it so it will really leak! :wink:

David, I have a solution for you. Get a new boot. Cut off the flange. Push it over the pipe like an umbrella and keep the rain from getting in…

relieve the pressure on the boot.


The vent might not be sleight also.
So the roof pitch is out by 1/2 degree or so. 4.5/12 or 5.5/12.
No big deal to me.

Roof wet stack vent boots come in about 4 pitches in Montreal and Ontario.
They skip ever 2 " of rise.
0/12, 2//12/ 4/12, 6/12.

Depends upon the manufacture.
If the pitch is to sharp for the boot it will leave an opening due to the inability to stretch and hug the uphill side of the stack.
We just had a photo of a boot the was 0/12 on a 4/12 roof.
No one called it out. Well I did.
Addressed the deficiency with caulk some one said.
To tired to look.

Buckled a little perhaps…

Great point Marcel.
I was focused on the boot, not the metal.