Vent and chimney boot flashing caulking

These are missing caulking at the boot, correct? or are there some self-sealing boots out there im unaware of?

all pipe boots for the past 30 years have been self sealing. if there is ever caulk on a boot call it out.
No sealant its good. unless the rubber is cracking

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wow. i feel like they are usually caulked… there was even other vent stacks on this house that were caulked.

why is that? what is the concern, even if it is redundant?

Even though it could be a relatively new boot, caulking makes me think that there could be an improper cut, split or sizing of the boot. I just point it out that it may or may not be a common practice with the particular roofing company, but properly installed boots should not need caulking unless specified by the manufacture.


2 concentric vents.
Boot flashing look fine.

If it’s caulked, it’s because it was leaking or roofer did not want to replace it with new roof.
Nothing should have caulk on it, except for top of counter flashing on chimney, cut ends of ridge on a hip roof, and a few exposed nails you can not avoid.

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I disagree. If it is leaking call it out or if the caulk is aged or failing call it out. Caulk/sealant on the ring is not a defect. Many roofers (right or wrong) do it as a “preventative measure” during install.

Otherwise, what are you going to do? Send a roofer up there to peel the caulk off or replace a boot that is not leaking?

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