Vent Stack Question

In the photos, you’ll see a vent stack on the ridge. I’m fairly sure that is acceptable (correct me if I’m wrong). But, the next photo shows a plumbing stack beside the ridge vent. I’m concerned about the ridge vent having a negative effect on the draft of the stack vent. I haven’t found anything saying how for a plumbing stack must be from a vented ridge. Is it OK as is or is their documentation (code or otherwise) stating that it’s not right?

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I would say no problem. They are both venting out. The stack looks to be sticking up a good amount and is way less likely to leak at the peak than at the bottom of the roof. I would be a lot more concerned if it were near a valley.

I’m not seeing an issue here except for maybe flashing of those vent stacks.

Same here .
Made to draft up.
Look for if too close to a wall or chimney instead.I think the rule is 6 inch minimum.

Aight! Thanks guys.