Smartphone/Android - HG Users

I was informed today that Homegauge has an android pocket HG on the drawing board. No time frame - so I’m assuming at least 6 months. It will be a separate license agreement from the current Pocket HG that runs on Windows Mobile 5/6. I was glad to hear this from customer service since I think this will work great with a quality smartphone many of us already carry. I’ve all but decided against a tablet and was reluctant to buy a PDA which will be obsolete in a year. My problem with a tablet is it’s too big, expensive, and lacks the processor to be called a laptop. I just don’t think the atom processor will cut it. Just wanted to post this for HG users that didn’t already know. All other software will follow suit. Go HG or go home.:wink:

Interesting…no Ipad thou ?

Thanks Paul, sounds interesting. I’m happy with my Ipaq 211 for now since I can keep it handy (holstered) while inspecting. As with anything, I know it will be obsolete before you know it.

How many own i pad vs how many on Android ?

Exactly…how many home inspectors on here actually have an iPad ? I have been very surprised at these shows recently as to how many home inspectors already have an iPad. Home Inspectors aren’t as old-fashioned as everyone thinks and afraid of new technology. :slight_smile:

I own a droid, will never buy an Ipad, but am considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I use HG and am eagerly awaiting fully layout adjustment features promised in HG5

So are you claiming more guys own i pads than Android phones?

I don’t know…but probably more iPhones then Droids.

Android started outselling iPhones 3 months ago:

3D has Windows Phone 7 application, so if you have or are considering 3D you can do your inspections, with the INACHI Form sets, on your Windows Phone. Now how cool is that?!!

even i have smart phone.

What’s a smart phone?

Does it help? :wink:

Wayne, you sure walked in to that one! LOL

I have a Droid.

The apps for Droids and IPhones sound “fun,” but I stand firm in my conviction that functionality is too limited on these small devices.

Go here from your chrome browser and start converting your home screen into a Android looking fun house.
I love it and seen no need for FF anymore.

It is so hot I just wrote an AR article about it last night.

Funny…that is what 3D and HomeGauge said for years about first the Newtons and then the PocketPC devices…until they were forced into developing an app for them or be left behind. Almost all of the home inspection software companies have a handheld type of solution now. There is a good reason for it.

You also may want to check out the other thread.

Gotta be honest. Most of the new stuff has so many applications that by the time I even get half way knowledgeable in using it - Its obsolete.

I just put away my Blackberry and went back to a Motorola i580, which has the BEST reception I’ve ever gotten on any phone (I was in a meeting last week in a sub-basement of a high rise - 2 floors below ground level). My i580 was the only phone that would pick up or call out down there with 17 other people present).

Its speaker is so strong that I can set it on a kitchen counter and go all over the room operating appliances, etc while talking to a client OR … and never NOT hear them OR them hear me.

Its keys are large enough to see without a magnifying glass, its screen is bright even in a car (half the time I couldn’t see the Blackberrys screen while driving). It texts great AND although it could pull up the web - I don’t web on any phone - too small for my liking.

Sounds like you just need a Jitterbug phone. My dad is getting one for Christmas.
It will not cause your hearing aid to whistle either. :smiley:

For you viewers who do not know who Dan is: He is the first certified inspector between Colorado and the Mississippi river. He makes me look like a young pup.
Before he became certified he was involved in construction of some very big projects such as the Pyramids in Egypt.:|__)