Point of sale equipment

I keep getting phone calls from my bank about “Point of sale equipment” (i.e. credit card sales). What are Home Inspectors out there using to get paid with a credit card. Thank you.

PayPal on the website, Square in the field.

I do the same as Roy

Square, it’s easy to use

PayPal everywhere!
I don’t need to accept cards on site, the client can use my direct link on their Smartphone… (or mine)… if they don’t have one with them! Besides, most of my clients pay me before the day of inspection (through PayPal)!


I’ve never used PayPal. Is there a fee you have to pay for people paying that way? I use “stripe” and they take like 3.5% fee. pretty harsh.

Welcome to the MB, Mark Russo.

Stay far away!!!
Use Square POS or Interact.
Bank Money E transfer or Interact. Ask your bank to set up an account so clients deposit the money directly into your business checking or savings account. Been doing it that way for over 3 years.

Square for everything fees are very similar to PayPal.

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PayPal has MANY options on Business set-up and methods of payment. For the methods I use the most, I only pay a transaction fee with zero monthly fees. I charge the correct fee for my services, so I don’t ever concern myself with what fee’s I am charged.

Note: I NEVER touch a Card or enter manually, thus the direct link for payment!


No credit cards, but Zelle has been to go to app for my clients. Well, not really the app anymore. The bank transfer is utilized through Zelle. Easy Peasy.

I’ve been using Empowered Point of Sale since November 2018. Beats Paypal, Square in fees by a mile. However, since using ISN (Inspection Support Network), 95% of my inspections are paid before I leave my office.

Their fees are lower then Paypal and Square. Don’t take my word for it, kick the tires and know for yourself.

Good luck

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We use PayPal Here for pos. Fees are similar to most everyone else but I usually have money in my account within minutes of the transaction.

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We are same as Walter.
Empowered POS through ISN.
We don’t need to do anything on site.
If someone asks (on site) we just say when you receive the report it’ll prompt you to input your CC info, though most are put in before inspection.

Square only at 2.9%

Won’t affect most, but is a huge difference from PayPal. Yes, I have international clients moving to the US, and yes this does make a difference to me!!


If your paying 2.9, your paying too much…



PayPal-Here app on my phone. PayPal will send you the card swiper gadget.
2.7% fee when swiping the card OR sending an invoice.
3.3% if the card isn’t present, and you’re keying in the card number.
I charge $10 surcharge for clients paying with card.
Been using it for a few years, and No problems with it so far.

Good morning Mark

I have been in the business for five and a half years now and always used PayPal. If you’re only charging $10 surcharge you’re losing money. Allowed your clients to know ahead of time about the PayPal fees and let them decide if they want to pay charge or to bring a certified check or cash. In this business every dollar counts

Yeeeeah. One would have to know what an inspector charges before they would know if that inspector is losing money.
My average money loss thru PayPal is $4.
Client informed of payment options and surcharge in their confirmation email.