Points of Interest Map

Can any one tell me a good program to use for a point of interest map…and please dont tell me to use Google Maps…Im so friken pissed at them morons… I have been working on a map where I will ride my motorcycle to all lower 48 states contiguously hitting various tourist attractions in each state (over 12,000 miles in 3 weeks)…was almost finished with the map and this morning its gone… evidently this isnt the first time its happened with google…:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


I don’t know of a program but you may want to hit South Dakota in August. Sturgis specifically.


I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB for 2 years, so I have been there numerous time including during the rally even with a Jap bike. The western part of SD has great places to ride, the rest sucks; and yes I do have SD on my route including Sturgis, Deadwood, Badlands, Keystone, Mt. Rushmore and a few other places… I will probably stay over night at the AFB if they have room. Rapid City was actually the place I bought my first motorcycle…it alone kept my sanity while stationed there.

Silly question, have you gone to Harley D. they have motor maps with all different locations to stop and see plus H.D. stops along the way as well?

HD does have a ride planer tool however it freezes up and the last thing I want to do is spend weeks if not months getting the POI and route almost finished only for it to get lost in the computer twilight zone.

I know I can / will use my Garmin Base Camp program that works well with my Garmin Zumo 550 however I was looking for a simple program that I can use to peg points of interest (tourist attractions) of the lower 48 states and then based upon the locations of those points it will map out a route of which I can then put into Base Camp and upload it to my Zumo. I may be relegated to simply using a spreadsheet I created when I first devised this plan however as I progressed I failed to enter every POI that I had picked out, instead I simply relied on Google Maps.

I spent this whole weekend just picking out places in California alone…all for nothing… can still get pissed thinking about it.

BTW I do not have an HD (although I have ridden plenty)… I ride an FJR 1300, its a Super Sport Tourer…more than enough power to blow most sport bikes away while having some of the basic amenities of a tourer.