On X Hunt Maps.......great app!

I wanted to share this mapping program for those who haven’t heard of it. It was started as a mapping program you could install on your gps. It was originally intended for hunters. They now have an app for phones. They are based in Missoula Montana. It’s an amazing tool for not only hunting but also showing property boundaries when you need to know. It also gives you the names and contact information owners of property. I highly recommend it.


How much is it Walter and which on do you use?

It’s $30 a year for one state or $100 for all 50. Considering a trespass ticket was $250 25 years ago it’s cheap. I use the hunting app. It covers the entire state. I tried the off road map app but found it worthless in my state. Some of the best four wheel drive trails are old mining roads and not on that app. I use this app multiple time a week for finding boundaries, figuring out where the hell I’m at or finding out who owns a house/property I want to buy.

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Been using it in my GPS for years while hunting. Problem with the phone app is it requires cellular signal. Doesn’t work where I elk hunt, no cell service.

@lkage there is a free trial version for the phone app if you want to play with it. You can find it in any app store. I think it’s good for a month or something like that. When the trial is done just unsubscribe and delete the app or pay. Simple enough even for me to use. :laughing:

Funny, I just opened the app on my phone and it is saying I am in my neighbors garage 2 doors down the street. :laughing:

You can down load the maps to your phone before you head into the woods. I have a large portion of western Montana on my phone so I can use it “off line”.

Try moving around a bit.