Political Crap

Mostly in your imagination James.

Is there really any less so called intolerance, ignorance, hatred and bigotry displayed here from either side?

Not from what I see.

I think you might be referring to “national” politics. Certainly local politics (home inspection licensing boards, new mold laws, local code adoption, etc.) is appropriate for us to discuss.

Anyway, I don’t see how you can separate the home inspection business from national politics. They are too intertwined.

On a national (even global) level, the two biggest events in home inspection industry (the housing boom and the housing bust) were the direct result of the actions of one politician from Massachusetts. Federal laws regarding foreclosures, RESPA, business taxes, green building, tort reform, lending requirements, energy policy… all directly affect home inspectors.

So bump.

Enthusiastically agree. Tip O’Neal, also from Massachusetts, wrote that “All politics is local,” in the sense that (as MLK wrote) “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice, everywhere.”

A television reporter recently asked me why so many people are so anxious to share their views on this message board (yes, they do read it to study for a story about our industry) yet fall silent and sheepish when asked to go “on the record” and repeat the same statements for the press.

I explained that the majority of these people do not actually exist…outside of the cyberworld created by this space. This message board (and others) is an opportunity for many people who have never conducted a home inspection to argue with others about how to write a report and where old men under 125 pounds are able to intimidate others with threats of violence. Where prejudices of all kinds can be disguised as “political views” or “religious views” by some who can rarely ever be seen in a voting booth or church.

This is not real.

Those of us who have engaged in battles against state governments being manipulated by special interest groups can be the first to tell you how…

 a.  ....the inspector who will remark upon the lack of integrity to be found among real estate salespeople will clam up, for the fear of losing referrals, when asked to go on the record, locally.

 b.  ...the inspector who has over 150 hours per week to post and monitor the message board is "too busy" to personally deliver his message of opposition to a state representative.

 c. ...The inspector who is objecting to licensing, but doing nothing to maintain his CUEs and actively investing in improving himself as an inspector.

When we had more active chapters, we had more “face-to-face” time to actually know and learn about one another. The biggest mouths are often the greatest guys.

What can NACHI do to reinvigorate the local chapter?

Censorship at it’s finest. You whiners have the right to not read anything you do not like. But the truth is you’re too weak.

Most people will not get involved because they are sick of all the name calling and lame statements . Weak i think not ,sick of all the crap yes they are . Has anyone counted the endless threads started from right and left . I wonder which would side would have the greatest number started . That would be the winner of the whining dept . so if you get a chance count it honestly and report back .

There are many places on earth where you can’t discuss politics freely. Pity them. God Bless America.

Discussions are great Nick , Down right Name calling not so much , Everyone does have right to their opinion and beliefs , That is truly what America stands for. Belittling and smear campaigns are not . I wish people could keep it civilized thats all. That goes for Both sides of the fence BTW.

Stop posting and we can significantly cut down on the lame posts.:roll:

The fact is that politics affect our lives every day and sticking your head in the sand and pretending they don’t is ludicrous.

Thank you Nick for the opportunity to share political views and refute many of the reactionary and mean spirited statements made here.

The internet has changed the landscape.

Long may freedom of speech reign here.

LOL I rest my case .

Thank you for acknowledging your contributions to the noise.


At least i can admit Micheal how about it ? Man up now lol, do you not think some of this is getting out of hand .


There is so much hate filled crap and misinformation at times it makes me sick.

People often refuse to think things out.

Think what you want but if you can’t back it up with proof or a reasoned argument it would be better to remain a lurker.

Me being a lurker is like telling you be a liberal my friend . LOL I will alawys try to listen to both sides if it is justified. I have had my discussions on both sides of the fence .If it makes sense i will listen it it is just preaching of ones Ideals only then there is a block.

Mike and Wayne…do you guys lack telephone or email capabilities?

James he never calls or writes


Where is the fun in that?

Sorry Mate,

I don’t post political stuff outside the “Not For Everyone Section”. :mrgreen:

Crap crap crap crap crap crap And then Nick chimes, one politician causes the world wide financial crisis, crap crap crap

Political discourse and discussion is integral to the American character. I see no real reason to restrict it to a closed forum. (Not that I want it wandering into the HI threads either)

Do you?